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Due North Marketing strives to make website design as easy as possible, so what’s easier than letting us do all the work? This is why we are leading experts in small business website design – we do absolutely everything! Our primary goal is to make your online presence a hassle-free experience.

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Finally! A web hosting service with everything, except B.S.

Our company pledges to provide you with a no hassle, worry-free web design and hosting package. Stop going through companies that require “add-ons” as part of the deal, Due North Marketing provides amazing service while keeping it simple for you!

Say hello to a first-rate web hosting and design company that provides you with trouble-free service. Although maintaining an online presence can be complicated and time consuming, you don’t have to worry about that, cause we’ll do it for you! We’ll always go above and beyond to make everything as simple and convenient as possible, and we make sure to always give it to you straight. Let’s change the face of webhosting. Welcome home!


Website Design & Online Presence

Your website and online marketing are two very vital business components which never sleep. Which begs the question, how does does your website reflect your business and is it the type of partner you want to represent your brand? If the answer is No, then, we can help in the following areas.

• Web Design and Development
• Your Brand & Logos
• Content Development
• Designing Banners, Ads & More
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Management ( Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
•  Reliable Hosting & E-mail services
•  99.9% Uptime

Website Design

Companies from all over North America entrust Due North Marketing’s experience and proficiency that comes from over 2 decades of web design & marketing. As a small business, we want to make every client experience meaningful and personalized so that were delivering to you precisely what you want.

Your Brand & Logos

Our team members have extensive professional experience that has designed dozens of brands and logos. We work with you until we’ve crafted the design you love, because want you to love our product as much as we do.

Content Strategy

Due North Marketing is also here to help you with your marketing strategies. We can help you create content, choose an audience, and ultimately market your business to them. By doing so, we aim to achieve results in increased revenue, lower costs, and better customers. Through web design & development, online marketing campaigns, and social media management, we can help your business reach its highest online potential.


Think about it. Renting a website makes good financial sense. Small businesses can save thousands of dollars in upfront web design fees, hosting and maintenance fees. When you Rent a Website from us, your company and organization will get a custom, fully functional website without depleting your marketing budget.

You pay a small design fee to start the process and your hosting and maintenance fees are paid on a monthly basis. Renting a website from Due North is an excellent option for any business or organization. Renting is an all inclusive option so you won’t be charged to change or update material. If you ever decide you no longer need or want the website, you can cancel anytime and your site will be deactivated immediately.

Built From Scratch

We know you’re busy, running a business is extremely time consuming; so that’s why we’ve designed a plan for you. Due North offers complete packages that include absolutely everything you need to get you’re new-and-improved website up and running. When you become our client, you don’t have to worry about coordinating multiple service providers because we do it all.

As you continue to build your business there are many factors you need to think about: your target audience, your visual identity and design, photography, copywriting, website design and maintenance, social media presence… the list goes on. But when you sign up for our complete packages, we take care of all of that for you. While you focus on providing your services to clients, we’ll take care of everything online.


The secret to successful web design is only one thing; Simplicity. Bearing in mind the many excellent websites out there, it becomes tempting to look for overly creative ways to make your site outstanding. However, overdoing your web design can lead to user confusion. In simple terms users really look for readability when browsing the pages, and if that quality lacks then your web presence suffers. Its important to ensure that the site layout is simple and clear to all.

So how do we achieve this? Websites should be clear in their intentions. The user should be able to grasp the primary purpose of the site within a few seconds. That helps them to automatically determine what they need and quickly dig deeper!. USABILITY. Sometimes a simple ONE PAGE site is all you really need!

With Due North Marketing, web design becomes a walk in the park.

Maintenance & Updates

Every business owner knows that it’s key to keep everything up-to-date, and that includes your website.

By adding new sales, promotions, and fresh content to your website, it is likely that sales will improve, and bounce rates will be reduced. Making sure software is updated, especially WordPress plugins and versions, will reduce the risk of cyber security issues. By signing up for our services, we make sure that this is all completed for you.

For more than 20 years our clients have counted on us to maintain, update, manage, and host their online services. Website owners love us because we take pride in what we do. We will answer the phone when you call, respond to your questions promptly and solve complex issues quickly and affordably. We understand the difference an amazing website can make for your business, that is why Due North Marketing is here for you – all the time!

Some of Our Projects

Chapleau Real Estate

Chapleau Real Estate Brokers are particularity knowledgeable about the Chapleau and surrounding area real estate marketplace. They have provided continued non-stop service and expertise to numerous Buyers and Sellers alike. Due North rebuilt their clunky old website and got them ranked #1 in Google.

Dougs Sales and Service

This client was downsizing to provide a very specific service, the page is designed with one thing in mind!  Get leads!

West Nipissing Ouest

Established in 2007, WestNipissingOuest.com was the FIRST online news portal for the local community. With our subscriber-based email newsletter and Facebook page with over 2,200 members, this local reach lets us get the word out quickly on local events and news that is important to northerners!

Rainville Cedar Cottages

A brand new start from an old clunky website. This project involved everything from site photography, content development and logo design.

Thompson Technologies

This client wanted a simple one page website with a brief overview of their services, office location and contact form. No fuss!

About Us

Hello! We’re Monique and T.J. We’ve Been Building Websites for over 20 Years

Due North Marketing has been around since 1996, before most people even knew what the Internet was. In our long existence, we’ve been servicing our clients’ every needs. We create your website; professionally, aesthetically, amazingly.

Honestly, we’ve pretty much seen it all. From hacks to email problems to social media issues to trying to get help from Google!

Big projects, small projects, the evolution of search engines, the depth of our actual real industry experience is literally exceptional.

What our clients have to say!


My partner and I started our company early in 2017 and one of the first items on our agenda was creating a website. We both worked for large corporations our entire career so this was a new hands on endeavor for us. Needless to say we struggled at first until we hired Due North Marketing. Their experience, technology and straight forward approach, not only got us on track quickly, but allowed us to create a professional, customer focused website that was reasonably priced.


Due North Marketing’s and TJ’s respect for web security, immediate and constant acknowledgement of my communication and eclectic creativity is the obvious choice for a distinctive web design. Thank you Dr. L. Hudson


When we found TJ and Due North Marketing, after we purchased our business, it was like winning a lottery. Not only did he build a beautiful website, his marketing approach immediately began to draw more traffic through our site. Always willing to listen to our needs and react to them, TJ is simply gold! One of the best business decisions we made was working with Due North Marketing!


CLA SITE has been using Due North Marketing for almost 20 years, and I can’t thank them enough for the fantastic support they continue to provide our business. They know website development and optimization extremely well and how to keep CLA SITE’s online presence current and secure. Their approach is Real-world, Knowledgeable, Creative, and Cost-effective. Plus, they are GREAT to work with! You will never have a bad day. If you’re lost in the woods regarding Website Development and Optimization, Call TJ and Monique today. No Bullshit!


TJ and Monique exceeded expectations when they created a new website for our business. Customers have more information about what we offer at their fingertips now and they are always complementing our new website. The traffic to our website increased substantially as a result of his marketing approach too. The cost of the new website paid for itself in less than 6 months. We highly recommend Due North Marketing for an exceptional website and increase in traffic to the site too.


After experiencing poor customer service with web designers in the past, dealing with TJ at Due North Marketing was like a breath of fresh air! From the initial contact by phone, TJ jumped to our rescue and fulfilled every promise he made. I contacted him during his busy season and he still created a very beautiful site for us in less time than as promised. Overall, I would recommend TJ and his wife Monique to anyone who would like to receive excellent customer service, great turn-around time, very experienced and knowledgeable staff with a commitment to helping you grow your business on the world wide web.

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